Your Director

As a small child, Sean Douglas was afraid of thunderstorms and especially tornadoes. This was well before modern tools such as NEXRAD Doppler Radar and the Internet were widely available, and back then we certainly knew less about tornado forecasting than we do now. When a bad cloud would go up to the west and a "W" was put on the TV screen, Sean would be seen packing a bag with everything he felt he needed and getting ready to go to the basement.

This fear motivated Sean to learn about tornadoes and other disasters and how they affect communities. While working on his 4-year degree, he volunteered for NWS's Skywarn storm spotter program and local EM agencies, gaining the skills necessary to put together an effective emergency management program. Sean's professional background contributed the experience he needed to carry it out.

In 2002, Sean started as a part-time Dispatcher for Tuttle 911. In 2004, he was promoted to full-time 911 Supervisor and also took over the City's IT & grant writing. In 2009, he was again promoted to Emergency Management Director, and at the start of 2013 he was made a Department Head. During his tenure, he has overseen a complete turnover & modernization of the technical infrastructure of the City and has brought in over $5 million in grant funding in addition to building the City's Emergency Management program from the ground up.

Going forward, Sean is committed to building the City's resiliency as an investment toward comprehensive response and a speedy recovery if the worst should ever happen.