Utility Outages

There are many reasons that a simple utility outage can become an emergency. This makes it important to be ready for them. Please DO NOT call 911 unless you have an emergency. Instead, know who your utility providers are and keep their phone numbers handy. Some providers offer online reporting of outages.


405-321-2024 - Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (OEC)
888-218-3919 - Public Service Organization (PSO/AEP)

Natural Gas, Water, Sewer & Solid Waste

405-381-3872 - Tuttle Public Works Authority (TPWA) business hours
911 - after hours (emergencies only)

Telephone, Television & Internet

800-246-8464 - AT&T Residential Repair
800-286-8313 - AT&T Business Repair
405-600-7676 - Cox Communications
405-375-0404 - Pioneer Telephone
405-375-0786 - Pioneer Internet
405-753-7151 - At-Link Wireless

Alarm Monitoring

Check your monthly statement and make a note of their contact number.