Emergency Management cannot work without community support; we have been lucky enough to have support from many within the Tuttle community and also the Public Safety community. We'd like to thank those who have contributed selflessly to help make our program what it is today:

Blanchard Police Department
Canadian County Emergency Management
God's House
Grady County Emergency Management
Hill's Land & Construction
Lorain County (Ohio) EM Agency
Moore Emergency Management
Mustang Fire Department
National Weather Service in Norman
Newcastle Emergency Management
Oklahoma Electric Cooperative
Oklahoma Emergency Management
Oklahoma Emergency Management Association
Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security
Oklahoma Climate Survey & Oklahoma Mesonet
Snowhill Baptist Church
Storm Prediction Center
Tuttle First Baptist Church
Tuttle Public Schools
Tuttle Times
Yukon Emergency Management
Yukon Fire Department

Lastly & mostly, we'd like to thank all the men & women that work for the City of Tuttle.