Storm Spotters

Storm spotters help fill the gaps in NWS weather radar coverage and verify what the radar sees. Volunteer storm spotters have long been used by communities to help with storm-siren decision-making, warning issuance, and severe-weather forecasting. Information on training and how to become a Skywarn spotter can be found at the NWS Norman Skywarn Program.

Historically, many storm-spotter networks were created by amateur-radio operators, and many of these are still operating all over the state. Amateur-radio operators who are interested in participating in storm spotter networks should contact their local ARRL Section Manager to check for points-of-contact for their area.

Those who are not amateur-radio operators can get amateur-radio storm spotter reports live on their smartphones, tablets & computers through Broadcastify.

We encourage all prospective storm spotters to take advantage of the Spotter Network program, which provides free training and apps that allow you to submit your spotter reports from your smartphone and/or computer. With just a tap or a mouse click, your report is automatically sent with your location to the National Weather Service and our office. It is the fastest and easiest way to submit a report of severe weather.