Public Tornado Shelter

We routinely open the Public Tornado Shelter at City Hall (221 W Main St) when a Tornado Watch has been issued and other times when tornadoes are likely. To maximize everyone's safety & comfort:

The Public Tornado Shelter should be considered a shelter of last resort. An individual storm shelter is considered much safer, and it is consensus that sheltering-in-place in your residence, assuming it is a well-constructed home, is a better option than driving to a public shelter at the last minute. You are likely to encounter traffic jams, blocked roads, lack of parking, or find that the shelter may have already closed its doors for the storm by the time you get there. This could cause you to get caught in your car when the tornado strikes! And experience proves that cars are NOT the place you want to be during severe weather! If your plan must include the Public Tornado Shelter, you need to be here BEFORE the storm!