The National Incident Management System (NIMS) provides a consistent, structured & adjustable framework within which government and private entities at all levels can work together to manage domestic incidents, regardless of their cause, size, location, or complexity. NIMS provides a set of standard organizational structures, as well as requirements for processes, procedures & systems designed to improve interoperability among jurisdictions & disciplines in various areas.

The Incident Command System (ICS), a subcomponent of NIMS, is a systematic tool used for the command, control & coordination of emergency response. ICS is based upon a changeable, scalable response organization providing a common hierarchy within which people can work together effectively. These people may be drawn from multiple agencies that do not routinely work together, and ICS is designed to give standard response and operation procedures to reduce the problems & potential for miscommunication on such incidents.

As a requirement of receiving federal assistance, state, local & tribal agencies were required to be compliant with NIMS starting in 2006. Each year, the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security assesses every jurisdiction in the state to ensure NIMS requirement regarding policies & procedures, training of responders, typing of resources & credentialing of personnel.