Emergency Management Advisory Committee

The EMAC is set by Ordinance to include the Mayor, the EM Director, the City Manager, the Police Chief, the Fire Chief, the Public Works Director, a representative of Grady County Emergency Management (non-voting except in case of a tie), and a representative of the Tuttle Public Schools (non-voting).

The EMAC does not function as a body in actual emergency situations; the Committee meets on an as-needed basis. Its purpose is to identify & catalog potential hazards, identify available resources, mitigate hazards when feasible, write emergency plans, educate the public, and make recommendations to the City Manager.

When an actual emergency occurs, the materials are made available to the Incident Commander. According to the National Response Plan (NRP) the initial response to an emergency incident or disaster is by local officials. The EMAC anticipates and plans the initial response for foreseeable disasters in their jurisdiction. The EMAC will also serve to advise us during critical decision-making and selection of volunteers.