Civil Disruption

A civil disruption is any incident that disrupts a community where intervention is required to maintain public safety. Examples are demonstrations, riots, strikes, public nuisances & criminal activities.

To prepare for civil disruption, the most important thing you can do is keep abreast of current events. Avoid places where the public tends to gather, political meetings & other demonstrations. Also avoid schools, banks, churches & government buildings & transit, as they can be targeted by protesters.

Keep a low profile & exercise caution at all times. If you're aware of certain "dress codes" in use by potential protestors, dress to avoid conflict. Refrain from discussions about controversial topics such as religion & politics. It is a good idea to keep a small amount of cash & an emergency credit card on you.

If a disruption has started, remain calm & try to monitor local media. Don't take pictures. Watch for fires.

If caught in a disruption, move slowly & carefully outside of the crowd. Leave the area as soon as possible without running. Seek shelter in large, safe places. Let crowds dissipate before going back outside.

If you can't escape, avoid being in the front lines as police may treat you as a protestor. DON'T approach police lines, they won't let you cross to safety. Avoid using your cell phone.

If you're inside, stay in, lock your doors, and keep away from windows & balconies. Follow curfews.