Business Operations Center

A BOC is a voluntary alliance of key businesses & associations formed to represent the private sector in assisting their local EM agency plan & respond to disasters impacting their community. BOC's have been shown to increase resiliency in the economic sector and promote a quicker and more seamless economic recovery from disaster. We will be looking into starting a BOC in 2014.

A BOC creates a trusted environment for info sharing, collaboration & problem solving between sectors. The BOC will assist us in planning for response to emergencies from the private-sector angle. The BOC would typically operate from within the Emergency Operations Center, staffed by volunteers with an understanding both of traditional emergency response and also private-sector business practices.

During an emergency the BOC will engage the private sector early on. This will enable strategic use of ALL community resources and facilitate sharing of expertise & best practives between the sectors. This will help us to fill gaps in response, create a communications link between the public & private sectors, and help info flow outward to the business community through a single point-of-contact. In turn, we should see an overall improved response capability.

If you are interested in working with us as we develop the BOC, please contact us:
By phone: 405-381-5900
By e-mail: